Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is the basis of our original Company philosophy, as stated before and is the first item listed in our product catalog. Treating people fairly, with respect and honesty, and practicing good ethics establishes the backbone of how Omnipure conducts business. We have practiced this philosophy in our long-term goals as well as our daily activity. Our employees receive a compensation package that exceeds the basic living wage standard including a premium medical insurance package and a company contributed retirement plan, while working in an environment with the highest safety standards. Our production facility is a pleasant aesthetic addition to our neighborhood by minimizing any sound, light, air, and water pollution. We are committed to the positive development of youth through our support of youth community programs and local events.

As this report testifies, our commitment continues to expand as we look for further opportunities to practice our responsibility. Our Sustainability Program is formally reviewing the impact our company has on the world and targeting areas we can improve on from environmental concerns to the social impacts locally and globally. In discovering our existing impacts we can establish permanent programs for reductions as we have implemented for solid waste reduction. Reductions in energy consumption, water usage and water waste are being formulated for our facility. We are also quantifying transportation emissions and the impact of our raw materials manufacturing. As we attain the ability to measure these impacts, goals for reductions will be set and programs established to accomplish these goals. We look forward to forming partnerships with our suppliers and distributors for controlling the effects of our manufacturing process from “Cradle To Grave”.