Recycling of Solid Waste

Omnipure Filter Co. started a company wide recycling program in April of 2013. With the 9 months of recycling we were able to divert 320 yards of material from the landfill. We also expanded our separate recycling program of polypropylene waste. The results of our efforts:

Solid Waste:

Reduction in total tonnage

Reduction in solid waste cost over 2012

Reduction of cost/ton of solid waste disposal. This cost includes the recycling expense

Yearly waste diverted from the landfill to a recycling center in the 9 months of the recycling program


PP used in 2013 was recycled internally

PP used in 2013 was recycled externally

These results were in addition to our previous existing programs to recycle our metal waste, corrugated paper, as well as our cooling fluids and machinery oils.

The next phase will be to eliminate products from entering our facility that might later become solid waste or recycled material. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate all solid waste.