Environmental Responsibility

The very nature of Omnipure’s products is based upon the idea of improving drinking water by removing undesirable compounds that are readily found in water. This can be the chlorine that is added to disinfect drinking water as well as other chemicals. In addition we remove lead, cysts, and dissolved solids that are associated with hard water. Assessing the impact our company may have on the planet is right in line with the thinking that goes into the very reason we manufacture our water filters. We want to take the existing situation and improve on it. For us, the impact that a company has on the environment is more than just looking at emissions and wasted recourses.

Omnipure Filter Co. has a history of practicing good environmental stewardship and has begun the process of formalizing our environmental and sustainability practices into an Environmental/Sustainability Program. This program consists of assessing our environmental impacts and then creating programs to reduce those values. We are also assessing our social responsibilities to all our stakeholders. The assessment areas include:

  • Air Emissions
  • Energy Consumption
  • Green House Gas Emissions – Scope 1,2, & 3
  • Water Consumption
  • Waste Water Discharge
  • Solid Waste Generation
  • Social Welfare and Responsibility

We are also conducting a Life Cycle Analysis of our products to understand the full impact of these products on our environment. This full range of effects starts with the “birth” of the raw materials and continues through the impacts of; the shipping of these raw materials, our production process, the shipping of our finished goods, and includes the disposal of our product after it has finished it’s intended purpose with the end consumer.

A full scale recycling program has been implemented through out our facility that involves all personnel and processes. This program includes recycling all the polymer materials including trimming scraps, media from finished filters that may have failed our intensive QC controls, packaging, and office supplies. This is in addition to our pre-existing recycling of polypropylene for some of the internal components of our filters.

We will be working with our suppliers to encourage them to adopt these practices as well.