Energy Conservation

Southwest Idaho has historically enjoyed abundant electricity from hydroelectric dams. But, as the state has increased its population, the demand has exceeded the ability of the dams to supply this need. To supplement the hydro produced power the utility company has developed additional generation from coal, natural gas, as well as from wind, solar and geothermal sources. As this change in source has happened, the environmental impact of the power generation has changed. Now with hydro generation making up only 50% of the electricity delivered, the carbon footprint has increased that is in association with the coal and gas generation. Reducing our electricity usage is a primary target for the reduction of our contribution to green house gases. In the late summer of 2009 Omnipure updated the entire lighting in our facility from outdated T12 fluorescent lighting to more efficient T8 fluorescent lighting. This year we have been conducting an audit of our electricity use and discovered an annual usage of 3 million kWh. To find ways to reduce our usage we have consulted with our local electric utility and private consulting companies. We are currently evaluating identified opportunities ranging from conversion of our lighting to LED, evaporative pre air-cooling for our chillers, updating our compressed air system, and variable drive motors on some of our machinery. We plan to implement the first of the targeted savings in this current year of 2014.

Burning of Natural Gas is used to heat our facilities, as well as, in the production process of some of our components. The combustion of natural gas is the only direct emissions of GHG at our facility. After auditing our use, we discovered a consistent annual combustion of 70,000 therms. We will review opportunities for reduction in 2014.