Our Stakeholders

The value we place on our stakeholders is based upon our original Company Philosophy; Honesty is still the best policy. Treating people fairly and with respect is still reciprocated in kind. Good ethics remain good business.

The strength of any company is the personnel who are dedicated to the manufacturing of the products. And with our company longevity of 40 years, the dedication to create the finest filters in the industry is applied on all levels. Omnipure has always considered their employees partners and in return many employees have chosen to stay with Omnipure long term. The seniority of each individual is celebrated yearly during the annual holiday season celebration.

We take great pride in providing our employees with an excellent benefit package. This not only includes wages, but also a premium health care insurance plan for them and their family, plus a private retirement plan.

We are committed to providing our employees a clean and safe work environment, free from harassment, with equal opportunity for all. Learning, personal growth for creativity and innovation are encouraged to improve the effectiveness of Omnipure Filter Co., as well as the individual. Employees are afforded the same concern, respect, and fairness we provide to our customers and all other stakeholders.