Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Most human activity emits Green House Gases, predominantly carbon dioxide. To understand the impact that Omnipure has on the environment through CO2 emissions we have conducted a study on the yearly volume we are responsible for emitting. This assessment has taken into account Scope 1 (direct emissions from the burning of natural gas), Scope 2 (indirect emissions from the generation of electricity), and Scope 3 (indirect emissions that occur in our value chain). Specifically, emissions from the manufacturing of the raw materials we purchase, transportation of those materials, direct emissions from the manufacturing process including energy use, transportation of our finished product, and the end of life impact of the product. This initial study has exposed the depth of our total CO2 footprint. It has also exposed the difficulty of discovering emissions produced by areas outside our immediate influence and control. The total assessment is an ongoing process that will require co-operation with our suppliers as well as a change in the manor in which we record our daily manufacturing activities. The transportation emissions of our completed products are one of the most difficult areas to assign a value. This is based on the volume of our filters being shipped globally to distributors who in turn ship within their territory of business. We are committed to pursue these challenges in this coming year to enable us to establish a true footprint as a reference point. From that reference point we will be able to accurately monitor our efforts to reduce this footprint. The amounts of emissions we have been able to measure are listed in this table.


Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3
Natural Gas 354 Metric Tonnes
Electricity 1216 Metric Tonnes
Plastics* 125,884 Metric Tonnes
Activated Carbon** 176 Metric Tonnes
Binder* 355 Metric Tonnes
Employee Commute 2272 Metric Tonnes
Solid Waste 215 Metric Tonnes
Business Travel 1 Metric Tonnes
Packaging* 103 Metric Tonnes
Total 354 Metric Tonnes Total 1216 Metric Tonnes Total 129,006 Metric Tonnes
Grand total for 2012 – 130,576 Metric Tonnes

* Value includes manufacturing and transportation volume to our facility.
** Activated Carbon value represents the process of activation and transportation volume to our facility.