Omnipure Filter Co. has a long history of community involvement, from sponsoring youth sports events to supporting our community police and fire services. But being a good neighbor is more than just financial aid. Our modern manufacturing facility is physically maintained to be aesthetically pleasing for our neighbors and community. We release no toxic fumes, gases or dust, minimal light pollution and noise.

Omnipure has been vested in the local community for over 40 years and takes pride in being located here. Our current location has the room for our continued growth and is expected to accommodate us into the future.


Youth development has always been a key focus of our community involvement. We have assisted in the building of the local YMCA facility and continue to contribute annual support. The YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, local high school senior drug and alcohol free graduation parties, and individual youth sponsorships are also sponsored. We continually emphasize the positive development of the future generations for our local community.