managing our impact

Our Environmental Policy

Omnipure Filter Co. supplies the world with the highest quality products and services possible. This standard would not be possible without the commitment by all the associates working at Omnipure to manage the Health, Safety, and Environmental matters as an integral part of our business.

Managing the Health, Safety and Environment involves:

numberComplying with all applicable laws and regulations and continual monitoring to assure compliance.

numberValuing our diversified employed associates and providing them the best possible workplace with regards to safety, health, and environmental conditions along with respectful compensation package.

numberIncorporating management systems and procedures to prevent activities or conditions that pose a threat to human health and safety, or to the environment.

numberMinimize releases to the air, land, and water by using clean technologies, the safe use of chemicals, recycling, and monitoring waste.

numberMonitoring our use of resources such as water, energy, land, and forests in an environmentally sensitive manner, while striving to preserve and minimize their use.

numberIncorporating this policy in the development of our products, we strive to secure the safest materials with the least amount of impact on Health, Safety, and Environment while minimizing the impact of the end-of-life of our products on the environment.

Omnipure is also committed to being transparent on these issues and soliciting the input from our employed associates, customers, vendors, community neighbors and other valued stakeholders.